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Botanical Name
Botanical Name
White Oak (Quercus alba)
Southern Yellow Pine
(Pinus Palustris)
Red Oak (Quercus rubra)
Western Red Cedar
(Thuja plicata)
Poplar / Tulipwood (Populus)
Douglas Fir
(Pseudotsuga menziesii)
Cherry (Prunus serotina)
(Tsuga heterophylla)
Walnut (Juglans nigra)    
Ash (Fraxinus americana)    
Northern White Ash (Fraxinus americana)    
Hard Maple (Acer saccharum)    
Soft Maple (Acer rubum)    
Basswood (Tilia Americana)    
Alder - (Red) (Aluns Rubra)    
Hickory (Carya glabra)    
Yellow & Red Birch (Betula alleghaniensis)    
Honduras Pitch Pine
(Pinus Caribaea)    
Fiji Mahogany
(Swietenia macrophylla)    

To find out more about these and other various species sources, properties and uses, I have found a very useful link to a website,
Just click on species and you should get all the information you need

Timber Grades

Hardwood Grades
Southern Yellow Pine Grades
Douglas Fir, Cedar, and Hemlock Grades.


The most common Hardwood grade sold is FAS/1F, probably 90% of the Hardwood timber imported into Ireland, for joinery, mouldings and cabinets doors, is this grade. This grade is a combination of FAS on the better face and No.1.common on the reverse face. All our Hardwood supplied is graded under the strict rules of the National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA). Their grading rules maximise both the yield and value of sawn wood, which minimizes waste and reduces pressure on the environment. In addition, The NHLA rules provide the buyer and seller with a consistent language for conducting Hardwood lumber transactions. Buyers worldwide rely on the NHLA grading rules to specify degrees of quality. For more information on NHLA grading rules, browse through the American Hardwood Export Council’s (AHEC) illustrated guide to American Hardwood Lumber Grades. www.ahec.org/hardwoods/grading.html



The most common grades imported into Ireland, is the Saps grade, which is a clear grade and Prime & Better which would allow some sound knots. Grade rules for Construction grade Southern Yellow Pine are determined by the American Lumber Standards Bureau. Southern Pine grade rules for Joinery grade Southern Pine are proprietary, and will vary from company to company. There is almost no agency involvement in rough sawn, high grade Southern Yellow Pine. So one has to be careful and buy from a reliable source which Hennessy Timber Agents has.


Douglas Fir, Cedar, and Hemlock Grades.

Clear Lumber is a general term referring to the highest grades of lumber which are free of defects or nearly so.

Clears are high quality pieces of Timber that are graded for appearance and most often used in applications where the desire for the beauty of the Timber specie is most important.

In many species, there are a range of clear grades available, from pieces that are basically free of any defects to lower grade that will allow a smaller variety of smaller imperfections.

To help determine your needs and what options are available for you, talk with us at Hennessy Timber Agents. We have got the connections to get both the species and the perfect grade for you and your applications.

These species come from the North Western United States, of Oregon and Washington and British Columbia in Canada. The grade rules are different in the Western USA, than on the east coast. They are laid down by the Pacific Lumber Inspection Bureau (PLNB) who in turn is governed by the Softwood Export Council (SEC). For details on grades etc, you can visit their website at www.plib.org

*Please note that all grade rule books for both Hardwood & Softwoods can be made available on request *
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