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Why Southern Yellow Pine?

WHY S.Y.Pine?
Southern Yellow Pine is one of the strongest structural timbers in the world. Other natural advantages are high resistance to decay, superior ability to hold fastenings, and ease of treatment with preservatives. Its High Strength and stability it maintains across wide boards and longer lengths has earned it a reputation as the “Supreme Structural Wood of the World”

About S.Y.Pine
Southern Pine grows in a wide geographic belt, stretching from east Texas through Virginia, The name Southern Pine or Southern yellow pine, is representative of a group of four principal trees, longleaf, shortleaf, loblolly and slash. Lumber from all four species is marketed as Southern Pine and graded in accordance with the grading rules of the Southern Pine Inspection Bureau (SPIB), approved by the American Softwood Lumber Standard Committee.

Why Southern Yellow Pine with Hennessy Timber Agents?
We get all our S.Y.Pine from one supplier, Tradewinds International in North Carolina. They have very strict grading rules which vary from one supplier to another and have sawmills across in Alabama, Arkansas, and Georgia. The strict grading rules with which Tradewinds International are associated with will benefit the customer as they will assured of buying quality timber from a company with an excellent long standing reputation.

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