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Why Douglas Fir?

For versatility and beauty, few woods in the world match the magnificence of Douglas Fir. It is abundant and manufactured into more timber items than any other individual species. unlike the structural grades, appearance timber is graded according to visual rather than structural performance criteria. Colour, grain pattern, texture, knot type and size are all key factors. Moisture content levels are carefully controlled in the highest grades to ensure the timber will meet the strict dimensional stability requirements of finish carpenters, furniture manufacturers and cabinet makers.

Douglas Fir's light, rosey colour is set off by its remarkably straight and handsome grain patteren, becoming darker over time when exposed to light. The tough fiber makes Douglas Fir difficult to work with hand tools; however, it responds admirably to sharp power tools and machines to an exceptionally smooth, glossy surface. Products may be run-to-pattern for a variety of applications, are painted easily and can hold all types of stains and finishes.

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timber cork


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